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Tampa Title Company

Tampa Title Company(813) 856-5001
7320 East Fletcher Ave

Looking for a Tampa Title Company? 

Buying a home represents one of the largest transactions any homebuyer will make.  It’s critical that your Tampa title company exhibits professionalism and expertise to get homes closed quickly and without error.

In Florida, a title company is critical to getting home purchase transactions closed.  The title company is responsible for clearing the title to the home, managing the closing and issuing title insurance.

A Tampa Title Company Works for Their Clients

The title company works for everyone involved in home buying transactions.  The homeowner, homebuyer, real estate agent and lender all depend on the professionalism of the title company to ensure that the home transaction is closed on time and without problems.

Clearing the Title Requires Research

A number of things can make ownership of a property unclear.  The property can’t be sold until these issues are cleared up.  If there is a lien against the property that hasn’t been released, the title company must find the lien and make sure it’s released before the closing.

Any unpaid debt could result in a lien being placed on the debtor’s property until the debt is paid.  These types of liens could be due to unpaid property tax, IRS income tax, invoices from a contractor who has done work on the house, child support or even other mortgages.

Accurately Managing the Closing Avoids Problems

The closing itself is a complicated business.  Real estate transactions involve a number of different parties who must all be working together.  The title company will provide the title documents to the lender.  They will also make sure that all the costs and fees related to the closing are divided between the buyer and seller accurately.

Issuing Title Insurance Protects the Buyer

Your Tampa title company is also responsible for issuing title insurance once the title research results in a clear title.  The insurance is very important to the buyer.  If any kind of an ownership dispute arises after closing, the title insurance will cover the buyer if they incur legal fees to resolve the dispute, or if they eventually lose ownership.

As an important member of the home purchase team, title agents at our Tampa title company keep the home purchase transaction on track by clearing the title, managing the closing and issues title insurance in case of future disputes.

At Southeast Closing Services, we are here to help you with all of your real estate closing needs. From title search to remote, after hours closings, Southeast Closing Services is dedicated to being your first choice when looking for a Tampa FL title company.

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