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Your clients dream home is about to become a reality, underwriting has been approved and it’s time to close on the property. Our team of closing specialists and network of attorneys will ensure you cross the finish line on time and even at location of your choosing.  

Our attorneys and closing specialists will take care of those final steps - like title search and insurance - ensuring a smooth finish. In fact, in most cases we’ll deliver title exams within 24 hours.

Benefits of closing with us:

  1. Choose your closing location
  2. Close after business hours and on weekends
  3. Clear, consistent communication with online access to track progress
  4. Experienced customer-service oriented staff with decades of experience

Our team consists of professionals who have worked as lending underwriters, realtors, mortgage brokers, and attorneys - many of whom have more than twenty years of industry experience. This experience pays off big time at closing and ensures the quick turnaround you and your home buyers are looking for.

Most importantly, we stay in constant communication with you so that your home buyer will be assured the process is going smoothly. Communication can be via phone, text, email, or however you and your client prefer.

Whether you’re a large national brand realtor, a small local realtor or an individual real estate agent you will receive the same high quality service Southeast Closing clients have come to know and rely on.

We believe in building long term relationships with our realtors and would love to assist you with your next closing and earn your trust.

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