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Our attorney network is for practicing lawyers who want to generate more income by participating in real estate closings. Attorneys who qualify will have access to our all-inclusive  back office of expert real estate attorneys, in-house title examiners, insurance underwriters, and our customer service staff.

Benefits include:

  1. Support from Experienced Professionals
  2. Organized Customer Service Apparatus
  3. Minimal Paperwork
  4. Close More Clients Faster

Many small practitioners use our offices to handle the full service needs of their closing clients, title-searches, closing-disclosures, and title-insurance will all be handled by our staff so you can focus on what you do best: making your client happy. Our real estate lawyers maintain up-to-date knowledge of the ever-changing regulatory climate for all relevant states, so you’re in good company.

In addition to direct support from staff, real-time tracking software will be available for you and the homebuyer to track the progress of a closing.

Southeast Closing can work with firms of all sizes, tailoring their assistance to each client. If you want to earn more money for your practice and mitigate hassle factors, please fill out our attorney network application to see if you qualify.

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